Independent scientific opinion, audit and medical writing

Regulatory authorities, healthcare payers, associations of clinical professionals, and peer-reviewed journals have multiple expectations on proper clinical research methodology and interpretation of results. The Syreon Research Institute, as an independent member of the scientific community, is strongly committed to medical research for the continuous improvement of healthcare systems and disease management.

SRI seeks to contribute to the value generation of other research-oriented organisations, companies and individual professionals by providing independent scientific opinions on various issues during research and development:

- systematic reviews and meta-analyses of current knowledge on the research topic;
- brainstorming and independent opinions on medical research plans or projects;
- clinical development plan optimizations to generate all need-to-know data;
- review of clinical study protocols and reports;
- review of medical regulatory documentation and value dossiers, with model validation;
- brainstorming in the submission phase (regulatory submissions or referral procedures, discussion with payers);
- review or preparation of scientific manuscripts and conference materials.

The integrated experience of the SRI team in research planning, biostatistics, medical regulatory, economic modelling and market access ensures that we can contribute valuable deliverables to the research activities of our partners.