Syreon researchers have accumulated significant teaching experience over the years. The SRI team of highly skilled educators have expertise in health economic analysis, healthcare outcomes, epidemiology, biostatistics, econometric modelling and forecasting and health care data analysis. Our distinguished researchers are faculty members of accredited academic institutions and contribute to a variety of MSc and PhD programmes:

-MSc International Health Technology Assessment, Pricing and Reimbursement, University of Sheffield,
-Course on Clinical Decision Analysis at the Erasmus Summer Programme, Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences
-Health Economics Diploma, Arab Academy of Sciences (Cairo)
-MSc Health Economics and Health Financing, Hacettepe University (Istanbul)
-MSc Health Policy, Planning and Financing, ELTE University
-MSc in Health Services Management, Semmelweis Medical University
-MSc in Clinical Laboratory Research, Debrecen University
-Doctoral programmes at ELTE University and Debrecen University

Syreon Research Institute is a preferred provider for tailor-made health economic training programs to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, by virtue of its clear, comprehensive and expert tutorial methods and vast knowledge of the field from both industry and academic perspectives.

SRI provides training programs for decision-makers especially in the Central Eastern European and Middle East region, with insight for topics relevant for middle income countries. In collaboration with ISPOR Hungary Chapter and Eötvös Loránd University in 2012 and 2013 SRI colleagues launched 1-week international summer university programmes on “Implementation of HTA in CEE countries” (2012, 2013).

 Training Team